How Does Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

How Does Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

Considering home laser hair removal but not sure if you should take the plunge? Shaving and waxing may seem faster but it doesn’t get rid of hair permanently. Shaving only removes hair above the skin’s surface whereas laser and ipl targets the hair follicle underneath the skin for permanent results. Let’s break down how laser hair removal systems works and find out if you’re a good candidate.

How It Works

Most of the laser hair removal systems available for sale are FDA approved for home usage and completely safe. Some home laser hair removal machines can be used on just the body while others can be used to treat facial areas. Today’s home devices use the exact same technology used by professionals; IPL and diode laser.

Lasers emit energy into the hair follicle and destroys it whereas IPL emits waves of energy. Laser is more precise but also more expensive. You can achieve similar results with an IPL device but it may take just a bit longer.

Who’s The Ideal Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatments are ideal for those with lighter skin tones and darker hair because dark skin will absorb too much energy which can cause skin damage. Those with blonde and red hair are also not good candidates for permanent hair removal at home laser treatments. However, some IPL machines like the Tanda machine will work for all skin types.

Things To Keep In Mind

It’s important to remember that results will be different for everyone. You may find that some areas may be more stubborn than others. It’s also important to follow the directions and to treat the desired areas on a timed schedule since hair grows in cycles. For example, the Tria hair removal laser suggests using their machine twice a week for best results. You may also experience discomfort as the treatment has been described as a rubber band snapping over and over against your skin. Most devices have different settings which allow you to adjust it to your comfort level.

Professional Vs Home Treatment

If you want to save money home laser hair removal is the way to go. The cost of one device is on par with a single professional treatment and it can cost thousands of dollars to treat your entire body. Many people prefer the convenience of being able treat affected areas in the privacy of their own home. However, if you are extremely apprehensive and nervous about doing it yourself, the professional.

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