Picking The Ideal Blow Dryer For Flawless Hair

Picking The Ideal Blow Dryer For Flawless Hair

Having trouble achieving that salon style blowout at home? A good hair dryer and technique is key when it comes to achieving a great style that will last all day long. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect blow dryer for flawless looking hair.

Picking The Right Type Of Hair Dryer

The most popular blow dryers on the market include ionic, tourmaline and ceramic. Ionic dryers utilize negatively charged ions for faster drying times and are excellent for smoothing out hair and preventing frizz. However, ionic dryers aren’t ideal for those with thin or fine hair since overly sleek locks can weigh hair down. Pick a dryer with an ion button that will allow you to turn it on and off.

Tourmaline dryers are considered the best of the best and are generally more expensive. If you want to dry your hair as fast as possible choose a tourmaline dryer.

Use Attachments For Professional Results

Always use a concentrator if you want a super smooth and sleek blowout. A concentrator can be attached to the dryer and works to direct air flow so you won’t get air blowing in each and every direction which can contribute to frizz and messy hair. If you have curls use a diffuser to dry your hair in order to prevent frizz.

Keep Wattage In Mind

High wattage is important if you want fast drying times or have very long or thick hair. Dryers with higher wattage simply get hotter. Stylists recommend picking a dryer with at least 1800 watts like the Elchim 2001 for a fast blowout.

Towel Dry First

Starting the blow drying process with soaking hair will take extra long. Make sure to squeeze all the excess water out and towel dry thoroughly. You can even let your hair air dry partially and start blow drying once it’s halfway dry. Don’t start styling with a round brush until your hair is at least halfway dry.

Don’t Stop Until Your Hair Is Completely Dry

One mistake many people make is to stop blow drying before hair is completely dry which causes hair to remain damp and the style to not fully set. Don’t stop until every section is completely dry and then finish off with a burst of cold air from the cool shot button in order to set your style. You can use dry shampoo between washing to make your blowout last extra long.

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