How should I cut and color my hair this spring?

How should I cut and color my hair this spring?

Pixie Haircuts

Are you thinking of changing up your look this spring?  There are tons of ways you can brighten up your appearance with a new haircut and new hair color!  By the time spring rolls around, most people tend to go for lighter colors in their wardrobe and in their hair coloring.  If you’ve consistently dyed your hair a dark color during the winter, why not switch to a lighter color for the spring?  There are a variety of different blonde hair colors and light brown hair colors that look great against any skin tone.  You could also go for a light auburn hair color or a strawberry blonde hair color!

Professional Hair Care

If you have no clue which hair dyes and highlights would look the best on you, don’t be afraid to ask a professional hair stylist for advice!  They will know better than anyone which light hair colors and dark hair colors will complement your skin tone and facial features.  If you’re tired of dealing with unmanageable long locks, why not go for a cute pixie haircut or bob haircut?  These kinds of short edgy haircuts have become very popular among celebrities and style icons alike.

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