Which haircut will be most flattering on my face?

Which haircut will be most flattering on my face?

If you’re looking for a quick way to spruce up your look this summer, a simple haircut can do just the trick!  There are dozens of newly popular 2014 hair ideas that will literally blow your hair back.  Visit a local hair salon to bone up on all the most recent styles!  During summer, many women prefer to have shorter hair so as to better manage their locks during the oppressive heat of summer.  There are dozens of short haircuts that will still allow you to retain your feminine glow.  Pixie haircuts and bob haircuts have always been classic choices for short summer hair and always will be!

Hair Coloring

Aside from there being tons of cute haircuts to choose from this summer, new hair coloring may also do the trick.  The best way to brighten up your look for the hotter months of the year is to go a shade or so lighter than your natural hair color.  Blonde hair colors, auburn hair colors and light brown hair colors are very popular during the summer.  If you wish your hair had more length and not less, hair extensions are always a viable option!  A professional hair care expert can find the best hair extensions for you that closely match your real hair color.

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