Will highlights damage my hair?

Will highlights damage my hair?

Professional Hair Color

When dealing with something as important as your hair color, it’s always best to put your trust in a professional hair stylist!  At-home hair color can come with plenty of complications and the results are often not as you imagined them.  While do-it-yourself hair color is cheaper than professional hair color application, salon color will usually last about three times as long as your at-home equivalents.  Prepackaged hair color and highlights tend to offer a rigid range of colors.  On the other hand, a professional stylist can mix together the right colors to get just the shade you want.

Hair Care Products

Your hairstylist can also create multi-dimensional hair coloring for you that is nearly impossible to achieve at home!  If you’re not sure which shades are best for you, don’t hesitate to ask your stylist for advice.  Their years of experience have given them great instincts about which hair colors best complement certain skin tones and facial features.  For example, red hair is very complementary on pale skin.  After your professional hair color application session, it’s important to maintain your hair as best as possible.  Be sure to wash your hair no more than four times a week in order to maintain your shimmering color!

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