Keeping Your Hair Extension Looking Alluring During Spring

Keeping Your Hair Extension Looking Alluring During Spring

Spring is a time to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming and basking in the sun. It’s also a time when the weather is dry, and it may prove a bit challenging as the hair extensions tend to lose moisture quickly.It’s therefore paramount to put in extra measures to ensure that your mane remains beautiful and shiny. Invest in products that will add the moisture levels to your extension.Visit your hair salon so that your stylist can assess your hair and how it needs to be taken care of as spring begins.

How to Take Care of your Extension during spring

  • Moisturize

If you allow your hair extension to dry up, that will lead to the extension tangling. Moisturising is an essential aspect of keeping your extension looking good. When brushing the extension ensure that you use a full comb that will damage the extension. Spring is a time to enjoy your hair, and you can only do that if you take proper care of the extension.

  • Change your shampoo and Condition the extension more

Your hair extension needs change from season to season, and spring is no exception. You will need to change your shampoo to one that will not strip the hair of the moisture. Visit your hair salon for your stylist to determine the shampoo you should use depending on how your extension looks. Since spring brings in a dry period ensure that your condition with products that will retain moisture and keep it shiny and healthy. You can also use treatments to ensure that the extensions moisture is sealed.

  • Avoid Heat

During spring the temperatures are high, and with that in mind avoid heat styling as this will damage the extension which is already struggling with the environmental heat.

  • Protect your  hair extension during swimming

Spring is a time for that swim that you have missed out all winter. Rinse your extension after swimming, let it air dry after the swim and don’t comb the extension while its wet. Condition the extension using a leave-in conditioner and use a hair mask to ensure that your extension retains its shine. Proper care of your hair extension, especially after a swim, will ensure there are no tangles.

  • Visit your Hairstylist regularly

Visit your hair salon regularly so you can have your extension assessed by your stylist. The stylist should be able to advise you on how your extension should be treated.Confirm and consult on the best products for your particular hair extension.That will ensure your extension retains its glamour for long.

Other Hair Extension hair  Tips

  • Brush your extension with a soft brush
  • Use a few drops of dry oil on your hair extension every day to boost the shine and appeal.
  • Cover your hair extension if you bask in the sun for long hours to avoid dehydrating the extension off moisture
  • Always use sulfate free products

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