Everything you Need to Know About Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions

Everything you Need to Know About Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions

There is a pool of extensions out there, and it’s paramount to research on the best hair extensions for your hair. Extensions are either human or synthetic hair extensions. Visit your hair salon and consult on the various types of extensions available. Dreamcatchers extensions are one of the best extensions available. The extension is  100% human hair and its silicone free and you can reuse the extension for over two years. If you love color then the more reason you should consider buying dream catchers hair extension as they come in more than 35 color shades.

Why You Should Choose Dream Catchers Hair Extensions

  • Uses a tape in an extension that is quick to fix and allows one to add more extension where they need it. If your hair is thin at the back then you can use more wefts at the back
  • Allows you to achieve any look you want as they come in a variety of colors
  • It’s 100% human hair and it’s of high quality
  • Long lasting luster and shine
  • Uses an I tipping system that enables one to reuse the extension several times without damage.
  • It doesn’t require heat or glue to fix

How to Wear Dreamcatchers Extension

The extension comes in bundles and microcylinders used to secure the extensions.

  • Thread the natural hair through the color coated cylinder and then place the extensions on the cylinder and fasten the extensions to ensure its firm. Ensure you have the best hair stylist for the best outcome.
  • It’s best to have the extension removed from your favorite hair salon. The hair stylist will need to squeeze the microcylinder in the opposite directions. removing the extension takes less than 20 minutes.

Taking Care of the Hair Extensions

Take care of the Extensions to make sure it lasts long

  • Always brush the extension before going to bed to avoid tangling and matting. Brush from the bottom to the end of the extension.
  • Don’t brush the extension while its wet
  • Use sulfate free shampoos to clean the extension. Sulfate will strip the extension of any oils it has and causes abrasiveness
  • Wash the extension using a downward motion without holding it into hair lumps
  • Air dry the extension and always ensure your hair is moisturized
  • When going for a swim plait a knot of the extension to avoid tangling
  • Visit the hair salon after every 4-6 weeks to maintain the extension. The stylist will ensure the microcylinders are in their original position to avoid tangling and damaging the hair.

It’s advisable to find a certified dreamcatchers extensions stylist to ensure you get the desired outcome. The extension is one of the best and with proper care will last up to two years.Your extension is an investment and it deserves the best care.

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