Is The Balayage Hairsytle Right For You?

Is The Balayage Hairsytle Right For You?

1980’s hair highlighting methods are things of the past. Much like MC Hammer pants, these things are better left behind us.

Today’s hairstyle techniques and products can help you achieved that wind-swept look between 15 to 45 minutes flat. Although it comes with different monikers, they are generally known as Balayage hairstyles.

The word ‘Balayage’ means ‘swept’ or ‘painted’ in French. It also means natural-looking hair that makes you look like you’ve just walked straight in from your home without much ado.

Creating Chic Looks Without the Hassle

It’s something you can absolutely do in-between appointments, waiting for your kids to finish school or during your lunch break. Thanks to technology and refined hairstyling methods, achieving the perfect Balayage hair highlights is suitable for everyone. Let’s just say it’s the kind of contouring hairstyle that does not discriminate.

People have come up with different names for different techniques – the LA, the Londoner, the California, the Rio or the New Yorker (there are many more from where that came from) but what an experienced Balayage hairstyle professional will tell you is that you’re YOU and he/she will customize the whole look to suit not just your hair texture and length but also your personality.

It embraces the concept of ‘less is more‘, creating shadows and fainter regrowth lines and highlights. Natural, wind-swept hair is what we’re looking for and these are the kind of locks and looks that stares back at us from the front page of magazine covers. Countless A-list celebs have worn the Balayage hairstyles naturally and confidently whenever they walk the red carpet.

Can YOU Spot the Balayage Hairstyle?

Admittedly, it’s the kind of hairstyle can be either a game-changer or a disaster because it needs to be done just right – starting from the root of the hair to your hair ends. What you don’t want are obviously-careless streaks that looks like you’ve got it at a budget hair saloon.

There are rinse-on-rinse-off products in the market today and they’re readily available in most major pharmacies and skincare retailers all around the world.

However, it takes not just practice but also the right product and experience. You might have to deal with one disaster after another before finding the right person or product. It’s the kind of experimentation you’ll have to deal with if you want to DIY your own Balayage hairstyle.

If something has gone wrong, worry not, there are ways of fixing it. But it takes time, resolve, and the right techniques like root melting, blending, toning and…well, starting all over again with the right products.

We need to remember that having the perfect Balayage hair is an art…and sadly, not everyone is a trained Picasso.

The Search for the Right Balayage Hairstyles for You

Finding the right Balayage hairstyles is easy because gone are the days of sitting around in a hair salon with your head wrapped up in tin foils on top of your head for what feels like hours. We used to do this because, in our heads, we have a picture of the lovely locks of Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Kidman swirling around and it had our faces on it.

Sometimes we end up walking out of the hair salon looking NOTHING like what we’ve imagined.

So, here are some pointers on how to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

  1. Talk to someone professional
    At the end of the day, the future of our hair lies in the hands of a professional hairstylist. That hairstylist is, in most cases, the only person who can help you achieve the sun-kissed, right-out-of-bed, rough-tussled, light and airy hairstyle effortlessly. Done right, you’ll spot those dreamy locks with subtle Balayage hair highlights while rocking an event or attending an important corporate meeting confidently. Either way, you’ll be impressing the socks off of anyone you meet along the way.
  2. Research and research again. Download your preferred look and ask your friends if they think it’s something you’d look good in.
    There are no excuses for not being able to find examples of hairstyles, Balayage hairstyles or not, when you have the Google images, and reputable websites like (XXX). Download the images onto your phone and then ask your family and friend’s opinion about it. If they’re close enough to you, they’ll tell you the truth.
  3. The Hairstylist with the Magic Hands
    Finding the right hairstyle might be the trickiest part. The journey starts with finding the right hairstyle for your face, hair texture, personality…and honestly speaking, your lifestyle and work. You can use this website to find the perfect hairstyle for your face.
  4. A Personalize the New look
    What you’re looking for is something customized JUST…FOR…YOU and not cookie-cutter techniques. The look should come with Balayage hair highlights that make your hair look airy, light and awesome in any weather and occasion. When it is personalized, it is relatively easy to maintain and does not require too many repeat visits to your hairstylist.
  5. Balayage hairstyles work with any hair color, length and texture
    The high adaptability of Balayage hairstyles is renowned. When your hairstylist start with the right pre-lightener, your hair becomes the blank canvas that the hairstylist can work on. At the end of the day, spotting Balayage hair highlights will take years off your face, create killer looks within minutes, give your hair the bounce and natural waves regardless of the length of your hair, and is perfect for both formal and informal events.

With the advancement of technology, awesome hair products and consistent training of professionals in the hairstyling industry, looking like a celeb is no longer something reserved for the rich and famous. Whatever the hair color and length, with the right combination of highlights, you can sport a modern-day cropped and layered The Rachel, or inviting soft curls. It’s finally your call.

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