Hair Extensions Salon: 5 Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Extensions

Hair Extensions Salon: 5 Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Extensions

Visiting a hair extensions salon and having the extensions done on you isn’t enough—you also need to take care of the extensions for them to look good and last for a long time. There are plenty of ways in which you can maintain the extensions. These ways include:

Remove the extensions before going to bed

Unless you have sewn-in extensions, you should remove clip-in extensions before you go to bed. You should note that when you wear the extensions to bed, the tiny combs can easily dig into your scalp, which is painful.

Clip-in extensions also tend to be more fragile; therefore, they tend to break easily. When you are removing the extensions, start from the uppermost extensions, then move your way to the middle and bottom extensions.

Do you have sewn-in extensions? You should highly consider pulling the hair back while you are sleeping. The purpose of doing this is to prevent tangling. You don’t need to have a tight bun or ponytail. You only need to braid the ponytail loosely or simply hold it together in some way.

For you to reduce friction to the hair when you are sleeping, consider sleeping with a silk pillowcase.

Properly clean the extensions

It goes without saying that you need to properly clean hair extensions for them to look good and last for a long time. For you to clean them, you need to place the extensions in a tub or sink then dampen them with lukewarm water.

After doing this, apply a small amount of shampoo and gently massage the fibers. Once you are done, lather out and repeat the process with a conditioner. The type of shampoo or conditioner that you use is integral as it determines whether you attain ideal results or not.

If you have synthetic extensions, use a wig shampoo that is specifically designed for synthetic fibers.

If your extensions are made from real hair, use a mild shampoo and conditioner. You can also use shampoo or conditioner that is specifically designed for the type of extensions that you have.

You should avoid over-washing the hair to avoid damaging it. When washing, you should note that certain hard or mineral intense water can deteriorate the bonds or the condition of the hair. This calls for you to be cautious about the type of water that you use in your cleaning.

Comb the extensions properly

In addition to cleaning them, you also need to comb the extensions. Before you comb them, ensure that they are thoroughly dry. When it comes to combing, start from the ends, then work your way to the top. You should never comb straight down from the top to the ends.

The comb that you use is important. As a rule of thumb, avoid using the same comb that you use on your own hair, especially if you have synthetic fibers. This is because the oils from the hair can degrade the synthetic fibers.

For you to avoid damaging the fibers, be patient when combing the extensions.

Be cautious about the hair products that you use

What type of products do you have? You should be cautious about the ones that you go for as you don’t want to damage your extensions. The hair styling products are integral at maintaining bonds and at the same time at giving your hair a beautiful shine.

When you use the wrong products, you affect the bonds in the hair extensions, increasing the build-up or dryness at the ends of the hair.

Watch out how you style the extensions

Is there anyone who likes boring extensions? I bet there isn’t. For you to give your hair an interesting look, you should style it. You should be cautious about the style of styling that you go with.

If you are wearing synthetic extensions, avoid heat styling techniques such as curling and straightening. This is because the extensions tend to melt.

Experts working in hair salons Rockville advise that you go ahead and style the natural extensions using heat, but you should ensure that you use a heat protecting spray at a lower temperature.

You should avoid blow drying the extensions, as it causes the extensions to tangle.

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