Track the origin of the hair extensions

Track the origin of the hair extensions

With the increasing popularity of the hair extensions, these days it is very essential for a hairdresser to have a thorough understanding of the donors or the origin of the extensions, to determine the quality of the extensions. Needless to say, that the quality of an extension will decide whether or not it looks real or fake and also, how long it will last.

Origin of the hair extensions for matching the hair texture:

Many people think that they can buy and attach any hair extension to achieve their hair goals. Unfortunately, the texture, shades and quality of hair vary immensely on the basis of the regions. Thus, picking up the right extensions is very essential to attach it to hair seamlessly.

 European hair

Many hair extension salons claim that they are selling Russian hair, while in reality, they are selling high-quality European hair. The donors of the European hair extensions reside in Italy, South America, and Eurasian etc. The European hair is thoroughly processed and tinted with fabric colours in order to achieve the desirable hair colour shade.

The virgin Russian hair

The raw virgin Russian hair and the Caucasian hair are the ones which are not treated with chemicals or stripped. The texture is soft, elegant and usually remains silky and gorgeous even after dying, which is why they are also known as “creme de la crème.”  Even though Russian hair extensions are slightly expensive, they always look natural and last not only for months but years with little maintenance.

The Asian hair

The Asian hairs are the ones, which are donated by Indian, Chinese or Asian donors and are naturally dark, straight and coarse. The Asian hair too is also processed in the similar method as the European hair, but more intensely. After the pigments are stripped off, a silicon coating is added to it for a realistic texture and shine. Usually, the Asian hair is the cheapest and unnatural type of hair, which lasts for a short term and is intolerant to heat or dyes. You can use Asian hair for clip in hair extensions.

Facts about Asian or European hair extensions:

  • If you want to style your hair temporarily, these are good options because the extensions will last in original form for a brief period.
  • Avoid dying your extensions to sustain them.
  • It is not recommended for swimming.
  • Requires very high maintenance and styling. They also get tangled easily.
  • Often looks fake.


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