Five easy-to-carry hairstyles for the wedding season

Five easy-to-carry hairstyles for the wedding season

Beauty legends believe if the crown is perfectly done, you are perfectly ready for any occasion. In a wedding, there are numbers of things to look at. Thus, for a bride, it is nerve breaking to find the best outfit, shoes, jewelry, and hairdo, in which she will look at her best. An ideal hairstyle can transform the entire look of the wedding beauty. After the wedding, the wedding photographs are the cherishable memories, which will last forever. Therefore, it is vital for the bride to look best in romantic yet classic look. According to the celebrity hair stylists, soft waves little curls as wedding hairstyle can never go wrong with time.

Hairstyle that a bride always look for

Behind every bride, a little princess Cinderella exists. So it is crucial for the hairdresser to pick out that perfect princess Cinderella hairstyle which will accentuate the beauty of the bride. The hairstyle can be anything from soft, loose curls to soft twisted hair updo, curly updos with flowers, twists, loose braids or delicate hair accessories. However, the hairdresser should keep in mind that since wedding occasions usually stretch for long hours, the hairstyle should be easy to carry for the bride. Here are top 5 evergreen bridal hairstyles which are easy to make and easy to carry but yet offers that elegant look:

#1 Half-up and half open French braid updo

A classic French braid can never go wrong. Do a thick French braid from the side and secure it with a bobby pin you may also add little flowers to add that oomph factor. For rest of the hair add diffuser texturizing mist or sea salt spray and scrunch it from the bottom for that beachy, romantic wave.

#2 Voluminous curly ponytail with a statement hair accessory

This hairstyle is perfect for medium to long hair brides. It is effortless, but it will add that daddy’s little girl loveable look. With a thick hair curling wand curl your entire hair, then lose the curls and add hair setting spray so that the curl stays for long. Then tie up the entire hair with little puff in front, also tugged out little-curled strands of hair near the earlobe to give that romantic look. Also, you can add the statement hair accessory on one side of the pony.

#3 Bohemian twisted hair updo

Slightly twist the hair in sections from both the sides and secure the twist with a bobby pin at the back center. Depends on the volume you can spin as many strands as you want. Then hide that bundle of bobby pins with a big flower or accessory and curl rest of the hair.

#4 Flower crown updo

Curl the entire hair then place the flower headband and do a proper low bun of choice and tug out little hair strands near the earlobe and the bride is wedding ready. This hairstyle looks good even with a short haircut.

#5 Classic French roll with curly bangs

A classic French roll updo is as classy as her majesty. Softly curl her entire hair then do traditional French roll at the back tugging out small sections of hair from the roll to give that loose romantic feel. Add little flower or accessories on one side, and the opposite side loosely places the bangs and secure the end with a bobby pin.

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