How long do hair extensions last?

How long do hair extensions last?

Natural hair extensions are a great option for those whose hair is naturally short.  If you have a hard time growing out your hair, there are dozens of great hair extensions options to look into!  There are dozens of do-it-yourself hair extension brands that you can experiment with at home; however, getting professional hair extensions means they will last as long as possible.  At Studio 355 Hair & Day Spa, we specialize in a wide range of professional hair care services including hair extension application and specialty haircuts and hair coloring.  Our team of professional hair stylists can help you decide which type of temporary or permanent hair extensions are best suited for your hair type and style!

Hair Dreams hair extensions and Remy hair extensions are two of our most frequently requested brands.  At our hair extensions salon, you can rest assured that you will find any kind of natural or colored hair extensions you could possible imagine.  We even offer bridal hair extensions for women preparing for their big day!  Our stylists are so good that they can even match your new hair extensions perfectly to your designer sunglasses.  While you’re here, be sure to check out our selection our selection of top rated hair care products.

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