10 Most Common Questions About Hair Extensions

10 Most Common Questions About Hair Extensions

Wearing hair extensions for the first time can be a scaring yet an exciting experience. As a first-time hair extensions wearer, you have so many questions you want answered to make your journey easier. In this article, we tackle the most frequently asked questions concerning extensions. It’s however important that you visit the hair salon and talk to the hair stylist who will be able to guide your further. One of the biggest hair extensions mistake is the desire to want the same extensions as your favourite celebrity without analyzing and assessing your hair to find out which extensions best suits you.

Most Common Hair Extensions Questions

  • Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Extensions don’t damage your hair, wrong hair extensions, poor application and lack of proper maintenance will cause the extensions to damage your hair. It’s therefore important that you visit the hair extensions salon and let the expert fix the extensions. The stylist will assess your hair and determine which extensions suit you. Your hair stylist will also determine the best method to fix your extensions. Some methods of fixing extension may damage your hair. Avoid heavy wefts as that may also damage your hair.

  • What are the best Products to take care of extensions

You need to ensure that your scalp, natural hair, and the extensions maintain their qualities. Your scalp has natural oils and you need to ensure that it doesn’t dry out as that will make your hair weaker leading to damage. You also need to use products that will keep your extension hydrated and well nourished. Every extension requires its own kind of products and it’s therefore important that you consult the hair extensions stylist on the best products for your extensions. However, avoid shampoos that have sulfates and alcohol as they will dry out your extensions. Make sure you use the right conditioner for your hair extension.

  • What Hair Extensions Color Should You Choose

Choosing the extensions colour may be a challenge. There are a variety of colours available. If you want your extensions to appear natural choose the extension colour that resembles your natural hair.

  • What Extensions Application method suits you

It’s imperative that you establish your hair type as that will help determine which method will protect your hair. If you have thin hair using adhesives and heavy wefts will damage your hair. The hair stylist will check your hair and advice on the application method. If you have thick hair, then you will need more wefts and adhesives will not damage your hair. It’s also important that you consider the state of your hair. Is your hair healthy enough to handle extensions? The stylist will assess and advise on the best hairstyle.

  • How long will the hair extensions last?

The duration that your extensions depend on several factors. The kind of extensions and the application method you choose will determine how long your extensions will last. Some of the extensions are permanent while others are temporary. Clip in hair extensions are temporary and should be worn daily. Sleeping in the clip in hair extensions will cause damage to your hair. You need to determine the goal of wearing the extension and then choose whether to wear permanent or temporary extensions. The hair stylist will advise you on the best extensions that won’t damage your hair and will last long.

  • Can you fix hair extensions yourself?

It’s best to let the top -rated hair stylist fix your hair as they will assess the state of your hair before application. Extensions such as hair dreams hair extensions require the hair stylist to fix them as they are permanent and require adhesives or cornrows. If you want to use clip in hair extensions visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair stylist train you on how to fix and remove the extensions.

  • How long does my hair have to be?

If your hair is extremely short, it may not be possible to fix hair extensions. Visit the human hair extensions salon and the experts will advise you whether your hair is long enough for an extension.

How do I remove hair extensions?

Hair extensions removal is as important as fixing. You, therefore, need to be careful while removing the extensions to avoid damaging your hair. If you have permanent hair extensions, it’s best that you let the stylist remove your extensions gently and carefully without damaging your hair.

  • How much do extensions cost?

The cost of extensions differs, human hair extensions are more expensive compared to synthetic ones. Visit the hair salon and find the cost of the various extensions brands available.

  • How do I shower while wearing extensions?

Hot water will dry your extensions and it’s therefore important that you keep the extensions away from hot water. if you are not shampooing and conditioning the extension to keep them away from water as they will be weaker and shed. In case of any water splashing, while showering, air dry the extension.

Before your hair extension journey visits the hair extensions salon and asks all the questions. That will enable you to to make an informed choice on the best extension for your hair.

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