How to Know Your Hair is Damaged and Dry and How to Fix it

How to Know Your Hair is Damaged and Dry and How to Fix it

Dry, brittle and lifeless hair can be frustrating in spite of all the time and money. Pollution, Uv rays, chemicals treatments such as Brazilian keratin straightening, wrong application of hair extensions and failure to adhere to hair care routines as advised at the hair salons will result in dry and damaged hair. When the hair cuticle is damaged your hair becomes dry and brittle. To help you take care of your hair we look at what causes dryness and how to prevent your mane from drying out. Early detection of dry hair, will help you mitigate and repair the damage.

How Do You Know Your Hair is Damaged

  • Rough and Brittle texture

If you run your hands through your hair and the ends feel rough, then you know your hair is damaged.

  • Dull hair

When your hair is damaged it becomes dull and lacks the luster. When the hair cuticles are damaged the hair loses its shine

  • Split ends

Look keenly at the ends of your hair and if they are split into two, then your hair is damaged and needs a trim

  • Hair Looks Dry

When the hair is damaged, it will look and feel dry. When the cuticle is lifted the hair becomes porous losing moisture and making the hair damaged

  • Hair lacks in Elasticity

When you stretch damaged hair up to a certain point the hair breaks.

What Causes your Hair to Dry

  • Poor Hair Maintenance after Hair color and Highlights

Hair color and highlights make the hair porous and expose the hair cortex. Poor maintenance of the hair will lead to dryness and lead to damage. To restore damaged hair your hair stylist at the hair salons specializing in hair color will advise on how to take care of hair and avoid hair breakage and damage after coloring. Its vital that you ensure your hair is hydrated at all times to avoid  brittleness and breaking

  • Bleaching

Bleaching forces your hair cuticles open making you’re your hair prone to breakage and split ends. The application of heat during bleaching makes it easier for the hair to break.

  • Application of Permanent hair straightening chemicals at home

Application of the straightening chemicals at home or by a person with no expertise will ruin your hair. Application of too much heat during the process will cause your hair to dry and lead to breakage. Use of the Brazilian keratin straightening chemical in the wrong proportion will make the hair porous eventually leading to damage.

  • Over Shampooing

Over-shampooing will cause your hair to be dehydrated leading to breakage. Shampoos strip your hair of natural oils and using them too much will strip away oils from the scalp, leaving the cuticles exposed. When the cuticle is exposed that leads to the hair becoming dry and damaged.

  • Heat Styling Tools

Heat will generally open up the hair cuticles and suck out any moisture in your hair. Too much heat will make the hair dry, brittle and damaged. Using the heat styling tools will leave your hair with no moisture and if not nourished that will cause dryness and eventual damage.

  • Wrong Products

Using the wrong products on your hair will strip your hair of their sebum which is the natural oils. Shampoos with sulfates and alcohol will strip your hair of the sebum and cause dryness. Products with too many chemicals will dry out your hair

How to Take Care of Damaged Hair

  • Identify and repair damaged early enough to avoid irreversible damage. When identity early the right hair care routine will help get back your hair to  normal
  • Trim hair with split ends to enable hair to grow
  • Invest in quality products and avoid shampoos with sulfates and alcohol content
  • Oil your hair often to keep nourished
  • Ensure you that eat healthily as that will aid in hair growth. Proteins will restore the health of your hair
  • Develop a hair routine and follow it. When going to enjoy that dive into the swimming pool or in the beach condition your hair before you swim
  • Minimise heat styling as this will dry your hair
  • Let the professional stylist fix your hair. Visit the hair extensions salon Rockville for a professional fix of the extensions and if you choose to straighten the hair make sure its done at the Japanese hair straightening salon or the permanent hair straightening salon.



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