Will the Keratin Treatment Damage Your Hair?

Will the Keratin Treatment Damage Your Hair?

Brazilian Keratin treatment is a hair smoothing solution that will leave your hair frizz free for three months. Although the treatment is one of the best solutions against frizz there are a lot of questions on whether keratin treatment causes hair damage. In this post, we delve deep and answer the questions surrounding the keratin treatment. Keratin treatment by stylist will give you professional outcome and ensure that your hair is not damaged.

Overview of the Keratin Treatment

Hair contains a protein called keratin, which is the building block for your hair. Unfortunately, over the years, the keratin is depleted due to chemicals, harsh UV rays, and other environmental factors. Application of the keratin treatment will replenish leaving the hair smooth and healthier.

Application of the Keratin Treatment

The stylist at the keratin treatment salon will shampoo your hair and then apply the keratin treatment and then uses a flat iron to seal the treatment. After application of the treatment, you will need to keep your hair dry for 3 days before washing it. After application, the treatment will last about three months with proper maintenance.

Will Keratin Treatment Damage Your Hair?

The treatment will leave your hair frizz free and smooth and when applied by a professional hair stylist at the keratin treatment salon and it will not damage your hair. The keratin treatment will nourish, restore the health of your hair and make it stronger. The treatment has restorative capabilities and therefore the myth that it will damage your hair is not true.

However, the process of sealing the treatment may cause damage to the hair if it’s not done by a professional. It’s therefore imperative that you visit the hair salons and let the expert do the treatment application. Too much heat during the flat ironing will cause your hair to be dry, brittle and eventually lead to damage. The hair stylist at the hair straightening salon will ensure that the heat used during the process is just enough and will not cause any damage.

It’s also important that you ensure that the keratin treatment in use is of high quality and there is no harmful ingredient. Ensure the treatment you use has safe ingredients.

Does Keratin promote Hair Growth?

The keratin treatment revitalizes the hair follicle stimulating hair growth. Keratin will make your hair shaft stronger and ensure healthy hair. Its therefore if your hair is damaged and brittle the keratin treatment will ensure your looks livelily and regain the body and grows.

Does Keratin Thicken the hair?

Keratin treatment acts as a building block for your hair and this will make the hair thicker. The treatment makes hair less prone to breakage and thus keeping the hair thicker. Keratin will bond to the rough edges of the hair, sealing the cuticles and ensuring the hair grows stronger. If you are looking for thickness consider using the keratin treatment on your hair after every 3months but let the hair stylist assess the hair before application.

What are the Benefits of the Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment has the following benefits if it’s done by a professional at the keratin treatment salon

  • Makes the hair smooth and reduces frizz

Keratin will seal your cuticles and ensure your hair retains moisture and thus remains smooth. If you have thick curly hair, you can be sure it will leave your hair frizz free.

  • It’s easier to manage hair after application of the treatment. The treatment will reduce the blow-dry time by and make it easier to comb and brush your hair.
  • Saves hair management time

After application of the treatment, it’s easier to comb and brush the hair.

  • Lead to more healthy and stronger hair

Keratin revitalizes the hair follicles and seals the hair cuticles ensuring the hair stays hydrated and healthy

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the keratin treatment, but we assure you that when it’s done by a professional hair stylist at the keratin treatment salon Potomac you can be sure that it will restore, thicken your hair, smoothen and leave your hair to freeze free. Make sure your hair is assessed at the hair straightening salon before embarking and once the treatment is done makes sure you follow the regimen given by the hair stylist.

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