Can You Dye Hair Extensions While In Your Head?

Can You Dye Hair Extensions While In Your Head?


There are plenty of reasons you might want to dye your extensions: you might be interested in changing your color, cover your roots, brighten your shade, cover the grays among many other reasons.

If you already have the extensions on your head you must be wondering, can you dye hair extensions while in your head?

The good news is that you can dye the extensions.

The bad news is you shouldn’t do it at home. Even if you have your home color box dye, chances are you won’t properly dye the extensions and get the full coverage you are looking for.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, hire an expert stylist from salons that do hair extensions to help you not only with the coloring of the extensions but also with the selection of the right color for your extensions.

Another bad news is you shouldn’t dye your synthetic hair as it’s made from plastic. Only dye human hair. If not sure whether the hair extensions are human or synthetic, get a burn test.

Take a small cutting of your hair and hold it on a flame. If the hair catches fire and produces an unpleasant burnt hair smell, it’s human. If the extension melts, it’s plastic so you shouldn’t dye it.

Valuable hair extension dying tips

If you have human hair and you have to change the extension’s color, you should go ahead and dye the extensions, but you need to consider several tips when doing it.

Don’t lighten hair extensions

The reason for this is because the extensions are processed off the head in factories using chemicals used in hair salons. When you try to lighten the extensions, there is the risk of the factory chemicals reacting with lightening agents and causing damage and other issues.

So at all costs, you shouldn’t try to lighten your hair extensions.

Start with a lighter color

When it comes to dyeing the extensions, start with a color slightly lighter than the shade you are looking to achieve. It’s after applying the lighter color that you should add another color to give you the color you are looking for.

A good place to start is a color that is one level lighter than your intended look. This way you already have a good background color and you have an easy time fine-tuning the intensity or tone you are looking to achieve.

Use semi or demi-permanent colors

When you are rooting, shadowing, or toning the hair, use demi-permanent hair dye. The dye comes with plenty of benefits such as:

  • It provides good color coverage without fully penetrating the cuticle. This keeps the cuticle smooth and also adds a lot of shine.
  • It spreads easily, leaving a blended look
  • The dye has good staying power when you apply it properly
  • It lasts longer than a permanent dye
  • The dye is translucent meaning it can go over blended colors and still allow you to see the dimension.

Pay attention to your skin tone

When choosing the dye color, pay attention to your skin tone. If you have paler skin, go for warmer tones and if you have an olive or darker tone, go for ashy and cooler dye colors that will be more complimentary.

If not sure about the color that is right for your extensions, have a sitting with experienced stylists working in a hair extensions salon potomac. The professionals will scrutinize your hair and recommend the right dye color.

After dyeing your extensions, take good care of them so the color lasts for a long time. For best results, use sulfate-free moisturizing conditioners and shampoos formulated for distressed and damaged hair. Also, at least once a week, throw in a moisture mask.

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