What Hair Extensions Are Least Damaging?

What Hair Extensions Are Least Damaging?

Do you have a hair malfunction just hours before a big event? Is your heat-damaged natural hair only a few strands and not able to give you the perfect ponytail to match that designer dress? Well, relax! The ‘magic ward’ called hair extensions will easily give you an instant solution to your hair problems.   

It is also perfectly understandable that you might be worried that the extension will damage your hair even further. But do not worry, you are in the right place. This article aims to tell you what hair extensions are least damaging to your hair, so you make the right choice the next time you are in a hair extensions salon.  

The Least Damaging Hair Extensions

Many people avoid hair extensions because of all the rumors about causing permanent hair damage. Indeed, air extensions can damage your natural hair if they are poorly installed and improperly maintained. 

But do not let the rumors rob you of those voluminous, shiny beachy summer waves. Taking your time to choose, install and care for your hair extensions correctly will not only not damage your natural hair, but also protect it. 

So here are our top least damaging hair extensions. 

Temporary Extensions – Clip-in Hair Extensions

This is your most quick and easy ‘cup of tea’ type of hair extension. The extensions have sewed in clips at the weft base, allowing you to clip it on and off within a few minutes. The clips are made from silicone, ensuring they stay firm and do not tangle your roots, tightly tag your hair, or scratch your scalp.  

They are the perfect solution for people looking for an instant and temporary solution. However, ensure that you select and wear extensions that are right for your hair type. For the clip-in hair extensions to cause no damage to your hair, you need to use the right extensions. 

Also, ensure to wear the right weight of extension for your natural hair volume – extensions in grams vs. your natural hair thickness. Applying too much weight to your natural hair will make the weight of the extensions pull on your hair, causing damage. 

Clip-in hair extensions are by far the least damaging because they are easy to apply and easy to remove. After application, ensure that they are firm but comfortable and are not pulling on the strands of your natural hair. If you feel any discomfort, remove the clip-in and reapply. 

Permanent Extensions – Tape-in Hair Extensions

Although tape-in hair extensions can hardly compare to clip-ins, they do minimal damage to your natural hair. They come with a unique adhesive that attaches the extensions flat on your head, giving it a refined natural look. 

There is minimal contact with the hair strands, and thus it is difficult for tape-ins to damage your hair. It is similar to micro rings, except it is neater, safer, and a lot more friendly to your hair. 

Although tape-in hair extensions are permanent/long-term, they do not affect hair growth. But neither do they help with hair growth. But, to ensure that the extensions do not cause damage to the hair, ensure that you get a qualified hairdresser to handle the application and provide proper care after they are applied. 

Also, keep in mind that since the extensions are applied using glue/ adhesive, using the incorrect products to remove them can cause trauma to your scalp. Therefore, ensure that you use an excellent tape remover to remove them properly. 

Final Thoughts

How well hair extensions work for you highly depends on how well you understand them. But considering that these extensions are named precisely how they are worn/applied, it is not that hard to understand. 

To avoid damaging your natural hair, if getting hair extensions in salon Rockville, pay attention to how you apply and remove the extensions. If you do that, half of your worries will be gone. 

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