4 Hair Straightening Techniques That Will Overcome Any Hair Type

4 Hair Straightening Techniques That Will Overcome Any Hair Type

If you love straight hair, you should know that there are plenty of techniques you can use to achieve it. Which are these techniques? Here they are:

Japanese straightening

Also known as thermal reconditioning, Japanese hair straightening involves applying a chemical on your hair to straighten it. In most cases, the results are excellent as you straighten even the curliest bits.

Since the treatment isn’t fully safe, avoid doing it at home and instead have it done in a reputable Japanese hair straightening salon to avoid unintended side effects.

Before you opt for this treatment, you should note that you have to spend six to eight hours in the salon then return to the same salon a couple of days later for final touch-ups. This means that if you lead a busy life and don’t have this time, you might not get the results you want.

Straightening hair with a flat iron

Using a flat iron to straighten your hair is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to get sleek hair from home. The downside is that it’s not permanent, and you have to do it regularly to keep your hair looking smooth.

To minimize hair damage due to repeated heat exposure, always use a heat protectant. You also should follow the right hair straightening procedure and avoid passing over the same area several times.

It’s always wise to have some heat-free days even if you want straight hair.

Straightening the hair naturally.

If you don’t like exposing your hair to chemicals and prefer straightening it at home, go for natural hair straightening methods.

While natural methods will straighten your hair, you should note that you don’t get to straighten the hair as well as you do with chemicals.

The natural methods aren’t ideal for all hair types—they are best suited for those with thin, slightly wavy hair and want to get their hair wavier.

To straighten your hair using this method, begin with flat wrapping the hair, comb the wet sections of the hair flat, and wrap them around your head. Cover the hair with a silk scarf and go to bed.

This will allow the curls to form and have smoother, straighter hair in the morning.

You can also wrap the smaller sections of your hair around large rollers and let it dry in the air.

When it comes to hair straightening recipes, a coconut milk mask and a mixture of hot coconut and castor oils are the most popular options. These naturally relax the proteins in the hair follicles and smooth the curls.

Keratin treatment

Also known as a Brazilian blowout, Keratin treatment is one of the most popular hair straightening techniques. The technique is designed to smooth and tame hair rather than completely straighten it, and this makes it the best choice for those who want to keep their natural waves or curls while maintaining glossier, healthier-looking locks.

Like the Japanese hair straightening, it’s wise to have this procedure done in a keratin treatment salon to reduce the side effects.

The procedure involves a stylist rinsing a keratin solution and other proteins and chemicals through the hair, then blow-dries and straightens it.

The beauty with this technique is that you have shorter drying times, easier styling, increased shine and reduced frizz. When done right and you take good care of it, this technique can last for up to five months, after which you have to retouch it.

Since keratin treatment isn’t meant for pure hair straightening, the procedure is best suited for those that want to soften, not completely straighten their natural waves and curls. The technique is also perfect for those that want to make their daily styling easier. Hypno

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