Should I Straighten My Hair? Experts Working In Permanent Hair Straightening Salon Advise

Should I Straighten My Hair? Experts Working In Permanent Hair Straightening Salon Advise

Hair straightening is one of the ways you can style your hair. Since it is popular and most of your friends might be having it, you must be wondering, should I straighten my hair?

You should straighten your hair if you like how straight hair looks and the benefits that come with it. According to expert stylists working in a permanent hair straightening salon, some of the reasons you should consider straightening your hair include:

  • You need to trim the hair ends properly
  • You want a different look.
  • You want a proper length check
  • You need a break from curly hair

For best results, when straightening your hair, consider these tips:

Use clips to section your hair

Clips allow you to have better access to each hair section, so you don’t have to keep going over the same hairpieces. Instead of reaching behind the top layer of your hair, clip it up for easy reach to the bottom layer.

Don’t straighten wet hair.

You might have the impression wet hair is easier to straighten, but this isn’t the case. If you straighten wet hair, the hair doesn’t take the heat easily, and as a result, you are forced to go over it several times. Can you guess what happens when you repeatedly expose your hair to heat? You increase its chances of getting damaged.

Straightening wet hair causes moisture to burst out in little steam explosions that cause bubbling and buckling of the cuticle that appears as tiny hair blisters.

Protect your hair

There are plenty of hair products in the market you can use to protect your hair as you are straightening it. To maximize benefits, spray or rub the product on the hair just before you straighten it.

When buying the heat protectant, buy those that double as smoothing or sine products. These products give your hair a more appealing look once you are done with straightening. When making the purchase, buy them from a reputable store. This way you are sure they are high quality and will give you the results you are looking for.

Use the lowest temperature setting.

It’s tempting to turn up the heat to have as straight hair as possible, but don’t do this as you will damage your hair. When you get a new straightener, test the testing, and always start with the lowest. If it works on your hair, don’t add more heat.

When buying a blow dryer, buy one with low and cool hair settings. When straightening the hair, stretch the hair as much as possible. This will save you time and reduce the amount of time you expose the hair to heat.

Use the chase method.

This is a method where you chase the flat iron with a rat tail comb as the iron glides through your hair. This method gives you a more precise blowout and limits the number of times you have to pass the flat iron through your hair.

Use a flat iron with ceramic plates.

A flat iron with ceramic plates comes in handy at maintaining healthy hair when you constantly expose it to heat. The ceramic plates protect the hair with negatively charged ions while the tourmaline keeps the strands smooth.

Use a hair mask

The hair mask is meant to lessen the impact of the straightener. After straightening the hair use a restorative mask that allows the hair to rejuvenate and stay healthy for longer.

Parting shot

If you feel you will look good with straight hair, you should go ahead and straighten it. You can straighten the hair at home, but for best results, have the work done in a Japanese hair straightening salon potomac or any other reputable salon.

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