Caring for the hair after Brazilian blowout treatment

Caring for the hair after Brazilian blowout treatment

Once you get the Brazilian blowout treatment done to straighten out your frizzy and wavy hair, you need to take extra care of your hair to make the treatment last as long as possible. Over the time keratin gets washed away from the hair. But with proper care and maintenance you can make the treatment last for considerably longer period of time.

Effective tips to maintain Brazilian blowout hair smoothing treatment

  1. Brazilian blowout and hair color: If you like to color your hair, then you should consider hair coloring before getting the Brazilian blowout. This will increase the efficiency of your hair color and make it last longer. However, if you already have the treatment done then you should wait at least three weeks before coloring your hair.


  1. Styling the hair: Leave your hair down and unstyled for the first few days after the Brazilian blowout treatment. You don’t need to use hair spray, mousses or any other hair styling product after the Brazilian keratin treatment. The keratin will keep your hair right in style without using any hair product. The excessive use of the products can also make your hair look dry and dirty. Instead of applying too much of hair products, use blow dryer and flat iron to style your hair.


  1. Post treatment maintenance: After getting the keratin hair straightening treatment done, avoid getting your hair wet for three days. This means you are not supposed to wash your hair or get them sweaty. This will give time to the keratin applied during the treatment to blend with your hair. During this three days’ time also avoid tying your hair as this will dent the perfectly straight hair.



  1. Keratin care shampoo: Select shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate and sodium free. To make the effects of the treatment last longer, use the shampoo and conditioner those are specially designed for the aftercare of keratin treated hair. Apart from using sodium and sulfate free hair washing products you can also apply hair masks for deep conditioning your hair.


  1. Nighttime care regime: During the nighttime avoid sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, as this will create friction making your hair frizzy and the treatment short lived. To prevent from getting your hair frizzy during your sleep, replace your cotton pillowcase with silk pillowcase. The silk pillowcase causes very little friction thus making the Brazilian hair straightening treatment a little longer.

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