Keeping up with the colored hair

Keeping up with the colored hair

A lot of women like to toy with the idea of using hair color, as coloring the hair always sounds exciting. However a lot of women end up dropping the idea of coloring their hair due to the fear of damage that the color may cause to their hair. It is true that the chemicals in the hair color and highlights can cause damage to your hair but with proper care you can keep your color treated hair look healthy and vibrant.

Tips for taking care of colored hair

1.Prepare your hair: If you want healthy hair after hair coloring, then you need to prepare them to bear the damage. You need to ensure that your hair is healthy and hydrated. Apply hair masks and oil from at least three months before the day that you wish to dye your hair. Also take regular trims and avoid using heat to style your hair.

2.Choose the right products: When you are coloring your hair, it is important that you select good quality product to ensure the health of your hair. Another thing which is important is that you properly follow the instruction given on the products. However it is advised that you visit hair color salon instead of trying to color your hair at home.

3.Wait before shampoo: After coloring your hair wait minimum for two days before shampooing your hair. Doing this will help the color to set in and it will also prevent the color bleeding to an extent. In two days’ time the natural oil will form a protective layer around your hair shaft and minimize the fading of the hair color.

4.Chop off the damaged hair: Damage to the hair is inevitable after hair coloring, but if you trim your hair after coloring it can prevent the damage from spreading. If you are switching from dark colored hair to lighter shade then be prepared to cut off a large chunk of your hair.

5.Wash with cold water: Washing the hair with warm water makes the hair cuticle on the outer lining of your hair shaft rise. This leads to loss of moisture and also causes hair frizz. An effective method to avoid this thing from happening is washing your hair with cold water. The cold water seals your hair cuticles and binds the hair color to your hair shaft.

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