5 interesting Halloween hair ideas

5 interesting Halloween hair ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, it is high time that you start putting ideas together for your Halloween costume. If you want your hair do all the talking for you on this Halloween or you simply just want some inspiration for Halloween haircut and hairstyle, don’t worry you don’t have to waste hours scrolling down the internet. Here are clubbed some interesting Halloween hair ideas that you can try this year.

Easy Halloween hairstyles

1.      The unicorn hair: The beautiful unicorn hair caused a lot of mystical stir in the beauty world this year. You can try out this soft dreamy hairstyle for this Halloween. To make the unicorn hair look like real unicorn mane, add few braids on either side of your hair and back comb the hair in the center of your head to add volume to them.

2.      Voluminous curls: Everyone loves big bouncy curls, and Halloween is the best time to turn the volume up to 10. To achieve the fluffy voluminous curls discard all your hair frizz control products and grab a teasing comb, a hair curling iron and some hair spray bam! You are good to go.

3.      The Medusa Snakes: If you like braiding your hair even on normal days then you can consider wearing the medusa’s snake hair for this Halloween. Braid your hair and pin few plastic snakes to the braid. The best thing about this Halloween hairstyle is that, you don’t have to make it look flawless. The wild, untamed messy hair will do so much better for this hairstyle. The messier the hair the more vicious villain you will look.

4.      Safety pin braids: If you are dressing up as a skeleton or a zombie, then this hairdo is the perfect one for you. To achieve this hairstyle make a deep part, take the smaller section and create two braids. Let the larger section flow freely. Now take safety pins and connect the two braids with each other from the hairline to the end of the braid. This hairstyle will look good on all type of hair textures.

5.      The butterfly snap chat filter: To create the beautiful snap chat filter, first loosely curl your hair, if you wish for more length you can also wear clip in hair extensions. After adding the big soft waves to your hair attach the faux butterflies to the side of your head.



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