6 styles to choose from while perming hair

6 styles to choose from while perming hair

There was a time when everyone was behind the permanent hair straightening treatment. These days there is huge demand for low maintenance, natural looking hairstyle. And in order to achieve the natural looking hair more and more people are choosing the perm treatment. If you also desire to perm your hair and transform them into voluminous bouncy waves, then here are a few trending perm styles from which you can choose one.

Pick the perfect Perm for you!

  1. Blonde spiral Perm: Bleach the hair blonde before getting your hair spiral perm. This perm will provide you beautiful beach ready bouncy curls. You know how they say go big or go home. With this perm look you will definitely be going big and hot and beautiful and everything nice.


  1. Natural Perm: As the name suggests this perm gives you a natural look. A really narrow curling rod is used during the perm process to create this hairstyle. It is amusing to see how girls love the frizz created by this perm, considering the fact that they usually use a lot of hair frizz control products to tame their frizzy hair.


  1. Big Mane Spiral Perm: If you have naturally voluminous long hair, then the spiral perm is all what you need to add texture from root to tip of your boring long hair. For this perm, a thin curling rod is used. If perfectly done this hairstyle will give you the hair that looks as glorious as a lion’s mane.


  1. Defined root Perm: Nothing in this world is sexier than well-defined ringlet curls. This root perm will lift your hair right from the roots. The end result of this hairstyle is loads of tight bouncy voluminous curls.


  1. Diffused Perm: You might be thinking what is the point of getting a perm if you need to dry it using a diffuser, right? But before you discard the option of getting diffused perm you should know that drying the curls with a diffuser will open up the curls and also create beautiful definition in them.


  1. Multi textured Perm: Gone are the times when girls used to spend hours in hair salon rockville to get the perfect curls done by professionals. It is the 21st century and the messy hair is on rage all around the world. The multi textured perm requires using curling rod of different sizes for creating messier and natural looking curls.


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