Keratin Smoothing Treatment Questions & Answers

Keratin Smoothing Treatment Questions & Answers

Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment is a hair smoothing treatment that will make your hair silky and shiny. The treatment will make your hair easy to manage and make it healthier. Experts at the keratin treatment salon will ensure that the treatment is applied professionally to avoid hair damage. The keratin hair straightening treatment is ideal for most hair types because its mild, repairs damaged hair and nourish your hair. In this article, we look at the most frequently asked questions about the treatment.

Most frequently asked questions about keratin treatment

  • What is keratin smoothing treatment?

The hair stylist in the Brazilian keratin salon will apply the treatment to your hair. Keratin treatment will infuse into the hair cuticle, restoring and restructuring the hair. The treatment is then bonded to the hair using a flat iron. That results in smooth hair and shine. It’s best to have the treatment applied in the Brazilian keratin salon to get the best results.

  • How long does it take to apply the treatment?

The amount of time it will take to apply the treatment will depend on your hair thickness, hair type, and length. You can consult the hair stylist in the hair salon on how long you will need.

  • What should you expect after the keratin treatment?

After the treatment, your hair will be smooth, shiny and easy to manage. Your hair will become soft, silkier, shiny and vibrant.

  • Should you color your hair after the treatment?

You can apply the treatment after hair color and highlight. The hair color tends to lift the hair cuticles, and that makes the hair dry. A keratin treatment will smoothen the hair and nourish. It will repair any damage caused by hair color and highlights. The treatment will seal in color and make it last longer. If you want the color applied after the hair treatment give your hair two weeks and then apply the hair color.

  • How often should you trim your hair

You need to trim your hair before applying the keratin treatment. To ensure that your hair is trimmed well make sure that the expert trims it.

  • Will the treatment work on chemically treated or relaxed hair?

A keratin treatment will nourish your hair and its ideal if you have damaged hair. The smoothing therapy will work to repair and restore your hair. Give your hair time between the chemical and smoothing treatment.

  • How long do you wait before washing your hair?

After application of the treatment, you wait for three days before you can wash your hair. Avoid making any marks using hair clips, ponytails, hats or holders.

  • What should you do if your hair gets wet before 72 hours are over

If you accidentally wet your hair before the 72 hours are over you will need to flat iron the hair. Go the keratin treatment salon and let the hair stylist flat iron your hair. The stylist will be using the right temperature for your hair.

  • What kind of shampoo and conditioner should you use

You need to use a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates and alcohol. The hair stylist will guide you on the best products to use on your hair. Use products meant for keratin treated hair.

  • How should you maintain your hair after the keratin treatment?

After applying the keratin treatment follow the below tips to keep your hair looking good

Avoid exposing your hair to harsh UV rays and chlorine.

Condition your hair often to keep your it hydrated

Invest in the right hair care products.

How often can you do the keratin treatment?

The treatment can be done after six weeks. You can reapply the treatment to the whole head. The treatment will last for about five months depending on lifestyle, maintenance and the regimen you follow.

A keratin treatment will make your hair more healthy, and it’s important to ensure that it’s done professionally. Before you dive into the bandwagon of the treatment make sure that you consult the hair stylist in the keratin treatment salon. You need to understand what you expect and how to manage your hair after the hair treatment. Invest in the right products and come up with a regimen that will work for your hair.

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