How To Maintain Your Hair After Keratin Treatment By Hair Stylist

How To Maintain Your Hair After Keratin Treatment By Hair Stylist

Keratin treatment restores dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair using keratin. Keratin is a natural protein compound found in hair, but with time, aging, and use of chemicals, it wears out.

When you undergo keratin treatment, the stylist applies the protein onto the hair and adds another layer to it.

The process strengthens and relaxes the hair. As a result, you have hair that is not only softer and healthier, but one that is also easy to manage.

Good quality keratin treatment doesn’t come cheap; therefore, when you get keratin treatment by hairstylist, you should take good care of it. How do you do it? Here are things you should do:

Clean the hair using good quality shampoos

There is no way you are going to keep your hair looking great with cheap, low-quality shampoos. If you are like other women, you use drugstore shampoos. You should set these apart and go for quality ones.

Keratin treated hair needs gentle shampoos with micro keratin that will, over time, enhance the treatment to look fresh and elegant for longer.

The reason you should stay away from drugstore shampoos is because they contain sulfates and sodium chloride. Sulfates are surfactants and deplete natural oils from the hair and scalp. They also destroy the acid mantle that keeps the scalp healthy and free from bacterial infections.

Sodium chloride, on the other hand, is gritty and abrasive. Salt-based shampoos dissolve the keratin coating and wash out the expensive keratin treatment.

Wash the hair less often

Keratin treatment is semi-permanent, so it washes out gradually. For you to keep it in place for long, wash your hair less.

Instead of washing your hair every night like every other lady, use dry shampoos. This way, you get to keep the hair clean and refreshed without using water.

Avoid touching your hair too often

Regardless of how much you love your hair, you should avoid touching it too frequently. This is because it makes it feel greasy. And when it feels greasy, you want to wash it more often. Touching the hair more often also puts the hair at the risk of kinking up so you end up with ugly hair.

Do you want to maintain your keratin treatment for long? Keep the hair down and straight, and let it be.

Don’t use cotton

You might be wondering what cotton has got to do with hair, but you should know that it has everything to do with it. Every night you sleep on a pillow covered with a pillowcase made of cotton.

There is nothing wrong with cotton, but when you put your head on it, you create friction. After a keratin treatment, the friction is highly damaging, and it’s only a matter of time before you have to redo it.

For you to keep the treatment in place for a long time, change the pillowcase. Choose another material such as silk instead.

Don’t use more products than you need

People with curly hair have to keep it hydrated to prevent it from getting frizzy. There are plenty of products you can use to control the frizz. These include: mousse, creams, and sprays.

After the keratin treatment, avoid any of the products to your hair. This is because adding it will make the keratin less effective.

Protect the hair from the sun

For you to protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun, always wear a hat or scarf. You should note that you have to protect yourself from the sun even when you haven’t visited a keratin treatment salon potomac. This is because doing so keeps the hair and skin healthy.

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