Hair Extensions Salon: Hair Extensions Dos And Don’ts

Hair Extensions Salon: Hair Extensions Dos And Don’ts

When you visit a hair extensions salon and get good quality hair extensions, you need to take good care of them, for them to last for a long time and look good on you. For you to do this, you need to consider these dos and don’ts:

Do shampoo your hair

Shampooing your hair comes in handy at keeping your hair in top shape. For best results, shampoo the hair 2-3 times a week. When doing it, take care that you don’t rub, scrub, or bunch the hair. Whether you have tape-in or keratin extensions, be gentle and avoid stressing the bond.

When applying hair conditioners, go with leave-in conditioners as they are excellent at keeping the extensions from tangling up and drying out. Apply the regular conditioners to the mid-shaft and ends of the hair.

While the shampoo preserves the hair, you shouldn’t use just any shampoo. For ideal results, avoid any shampoo containing sulfates. This is because the shampoos cause extreme drying of the hair, which leads to split ends, dullness, and compromised bond.

You also should stay away from oils and conditioners containing sodium Lauryl sulfate.

Do brush with a loop brush

For you to keep the hair extensions looking great every day, brush them with a special hair extensions loop brush. The brush doesn’t have bristles that can pull or snag on the hair; hence, it doesn’t break or damage the extensions.

When brushing the hair, start from the ends. After removing all the tangles, gently work your way up. Always ensure that you brush in the downward motion.

Do comb the hair properly

How you comb the hair determines how you look and how long the extensions last. The best way of going about it is brushing the hair downward. When brushing, section the hair in small sections, so it hands easily.

Hold the base of the hair then start combing at the ends. To take the stress from the extensions, hold the base of the hair when combing. Once the brush has passed through the extension, move on to the next section.

Don’t move from one section to another haphazardly. Take time to ensure that you untangle each section entirely before moving on to the next.

Do style your hair

Just as you shouldn’t shy away from shampooing your hair, you shouldn’t avoid styling the hair. Before you begin, ensure the hair is completely tangle-free. You should then let the hair air dry. If the weather isn’t right, gently remove the excess moisture using moderate heat. When doing it, move in a downward direction.

To have an easy time styling the hair, section it into four sections. When styling one of the sections, clip 3 of the sections out of the way. Start the styling with a back section, divide it in two, and brush out the tangles using a natural boar bristle brush and medium heat setting.

Don’t brush when wet

While brushing is necessary for great looking hair, don’t brush the hair when it’s wet. This is because the water puts a lot of strain on the bond, causing the hair to weaken prematurely. The brush bristles can also be course, pull, or even tug on the hair, which cuts on the life of the extensions.

Don’t sleep with wet hair

When you sleep with wet hair, the hair gets oils from the scalp and ends up drying out, which makes it prone to frizzing. Experts working at salons that do hair extensions recommend that you ensure that the hair is dehydrated before you go sleeping.

If you love putting up your hair before bed, don’t set it in a ponytail. This is because ponytails add a lot of weight on the hair bonds, causing them to weaken. Hypno

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