What’s the best method of permanent hair straightening?

What’s the best method of permanent hair straightening?

Are you thinking of straightening your hair this spring?  Soft, straight hair is much easier to manage on a daily basis, especially during times of extreme humidity.  If you’ve got incessantly curly or wavy locks and you’d like to straighten them out for a while, there are plenty of options available to you!  For the longest lasting results, most people prefer either Japanese hair straightening or Brazilian hair straightening techniques.  These permanent hair straightening methods involve the use of active chemicals that bind to your hair to create a soft, straight look for months on end!

Relaxed Hair

Of course, there are less-damaging non-chemical hair relaxing techniques as well.  However, protecting your hair from excess heat is the key to keeping it moist and healthy.  We recommend an enriching keratin treatment as the best use of your money because you won’t believe how soft and manageable your hair is after your treatment!  If you want longer straight locks for the summer, you can also look into keratin hair extensions.  These specialized type of natural hair extensions blend in with your real hair to create a beautiful, volumized look that you may not have been able to achieve only with your natural hair.

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