Brazilian Blowout Explained!

Brazilian Blowout Explained!

If you possess dry hair, then they call for a smoothing process called a Brazilian blowout. It is a new treatment which can help you manage your curls easily. Brazilian blowout is a keratin-rich treatment which turns dull and rough hair smooth, drizzling and exceptionally shiny. It’s actually not a straightening process but it makes your tresses soft that you’ll get in love with your hair. It just takes about an hour in a salon to blow out your hair in a Brazilian style. All are pretty fascinated by the results of this process even the celebrities count on it. But you need to know more about it before setting a salon appointment for the same.

Healthy treatment       

Besides making your curls soft and shiny it also helps in strengthening your hair. Brazilian blowout is favorable to the health of the hairs. The process tends to fill the weak and dry curls with keratin and rinsing them after moisturizing makes them improves and health and quality. It works on every type of hair may it be thick, brittle, dry and straight. It can also be processed after relaxers and straighteners.

No use of chemicals

The Brazilian blowout is totally different from the other straightening treatments around like the Japanese and other Brazilian processes. No harmful chemicals are being taken into use, not even the formaldehyde. Just be specific about the treatment you have to apply. Don’t call it out as a hair straightening but the Brazilian blowout.

Time and cost

The complete process takes about 90 minutes and would cost you to an approx of $350. The treated hair will be with you up to 12 weeks and then after you washed out your hair, they would be back to normal. To increase the life span of the Brazilian blowout, you can buy special acai aftercare products.

Make sure before confirming the appointment with a professional hair salon that the process carried without using formaldehyde. If so the method should be avoided by the pregnant ladies and those you are breastfeeding and this may be harmful for their health.

Though the results does not last long and is quite expensive, the overall verdict says it’s worth the cost!

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