Taking Care of Hair Extensions!

Taking Care of Hair Extensions!

There are ladies who wish to have thick, lush hair on their head. But majority of them will find it hard to grow thick hair naturally due to many reasons. It is for these women out there that hair extensions, and wigs can be made use off. The celebrities you see in television or movies all have known and understood the use of hair extensions for their personal looks. So if you want to have thick hair and you are not in a position to wait too long for that, it is time you give serious consideration to hair extensions. So when you are on to it, there are things you need to know to prevent troubles with hair extensions. Given below are some of the tips.

Where to attach hair extensions

When you are using hair extensions, make sure you don’t attach it too closely. This may result in irritation in your scalp and may cause damage to hair follicles. Another problem with attaching closely is your hair may start to break and clips may pull free. The major disadvantage is that attaching extensions too closely will make the person uncomfortable. It is better to communicate these fears with your expert hair extensions professional.

How to prolong the use of hair extensions

When you are using extensions, you make sure you have silky and shiny hair. So you should also try to keep your hair extensions healthy and nice during winter period. During that season it is better not to go out when your hair is wet as it may lead to brittleness and it may break. It is also preferable to avoid chlorine in water and if you want to go swimming do get a swimming cap for your hair.

Washing hair extensions with cool water

Hot water may damage your extension as well as your natural hair. If you want to prolong the usage of hair extensions, it is better to wash it in cool water.

Braid hair before sleep

Hair extensions need to be braided loosely if you are going to sleep or when you want to go swimming. This will make sure your hair extension doesn’t get tangled up. Tangle less hair will be freer flowing when you comb your hair.

Use Cool setting for blow drying

Since hair extensions are made of natural hair itself, whatever causes damage to natural hair will cause problems to extensions too. Hence it is advisable to use cool settings for blow drying your hair. This will prevent breaking of your hair.

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