Human Hair Extensions for You!

Human Hair Extensions for You!

What are human hair extensions?

Hair extension is the same as artificially integrating hair to a person’s head so as to give a feeling of fullness or length to the natural hair. It is done by way of adding artificial hair or natural hair obtained from others head. A good Hair extension services providing salon will make you look more beautiful and radiant. It also helps in evolving your personality before others. This activity is artificial, but will give the person a realistic look.

Types of Hair extensions

Clip-on Hair extension: The most cost effective type of hair extension. In this method you can avoid certain problems which will be affected by way of using glue. This hair extension uses clips for the artificial hair to hang on to the natural ones. These clips can be used all day long, but is best kept away when you sleep.

Bonding: In this approach, the artificial hair is glued on to natural hair. For this method special adhesives are to be used. This type of hair extension can be used only for short time use. This method doesn’t cause any bad effect to your hair unless you take it out without proper instructions from a professional. It should be done by an expert hair extension salon.

Fusion: This is the method by which you will get the most versatile and natural look for your hair. There are many ways like using a glue gun, keratin adhesive etc for attaching the hair extension on to your head.

Micro Loop: These hair extensions make use of smaller rings which is lined using silicone. To this ring the hair is attached. It can be fixed on to natural hair which is collected in small sections and is then tightened.

Netting: In this type of approach, your natural hair is braided and kept below a thin sheet of net. On this flat surface, hair stylists can fix the hair extensions. With this method, you get the option sewing wefts of hair to the net.

Since the popularity of hair extensions has increased, two types of hair, mainly Synthetic and natural hair are used. Manufactures of hair extensions provide the hair in a variety of colors for the consumer satisfaction.

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