Winter Hair Extension Care Tips

Winter Hair Extension Care Tips

As temperatures begin to drop from fall through winter, begin to prepare yourself to ensure the weather changes don’t take a toll on you. Your hair extensions are likely to bear the brunt of the weather change if they are not well maintained. In this article, we discuss how to go through fall and winter with your extension looking shiny and glamorous. The cold can wreak havoc to your extensions and it’s imperative that you develop a regimen to ensure that your clip in or hair dreams hair extension will cruise through winter still looking gorgeous.

Winter Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions shiny and Amazing

  • Shield Your Extensions from the Cold

Yes, you read that right. You need to invest in a silk scarf to protect your extension when the weather is extreme and you must be outdoors. Avoid scarfs made from wool or cotton as that can cause the extensions to rub against each other, leading to tangling and eventual hair breakage. Ensure that the head accessory you choose to use is not too tight leading as that will result in pulling the extension strand as you try to remove it.

  • Condition your extension more

As you warm your house, the heat will drain out moisture from your extension. Condition your extension more often and limit the number of times you shampoo as that may cause your hair to be drier. Don’t be tempted to wash your extension with hot water as that will strip the oils from the extension. Using cool water when conditioning as that will lock in moisture. Leave in conditioner will keep your extension from frizz while deep conditioning mask will lock in the moisture.

  • Minimize Use of Heat Styling Tools

Expert hair stylist recommends minimal heat use on your extensions to avoid frizz and breakage. If you need to use heat visit the hair extension stylist and let the stylist apply the heat styling tools. Avoid exposing the extension to too much heat as that will lead to your extension drying out and becoming brittle, leading to tangling and eventual damage to your hair.

  • Control the indoor temperature

The high indoor temperature will result in your mane losing moisture. Consider using a lower temperature on your heater to retain as much moisture as possible. Invest in a vaporizer or humidifier to introduce lost moisture into the air.

  • Brush Your Extension Often

Ensure that you brush your extension at least twice daily to prevent the extension from tangling. Most people wear a scarf and forego the brush. Before you wear the scarf, brush your extension thoroughly make sure there are no tangles. While brushing, hold the roots of the extension and gently brush your extensions with the other hand. Brush the extension at least twice daily. Talk to your hair stylist and get advice on how to take care of the extension and the best detangling tools.

  • Visit the Hair Salon Often

The expert at the hair extensions salon will play a key role in ensuring that your hair is healthy. You will get advice on the best products for your extension. A check-up will help analyze and know how best to take care of the extension.

Other Helpful Tips to Keep Your Extension frizz free and Shiny

  • Use Hydrated shampoos and conditioners as they will infuse your extensions with moisture
  • Avoid going out with wet extensions as that will cause tangling and lead to hair breakage
  • Work with the hair stylist at the hair extensions salon and come up with a regimen that will work for the kind of extension you are wearing.
  • Invest in high-quality products for your extension. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulfates or any ingredient that will cause your hair to dry. Talk to your hair extensions stylist on the best products for your hair.

Cold and dry weather spell trouble for your extensions. It will cause both your hair and extension to become dry and brittle leading to hair loss. Taking care of your extension is key to ensuring they last through the winter season, Visit the hair extensions salon and let the stylist check on your hair and get the right products for your hair. Follow our simple steps and you can be sure to cruise through winter with beautiful hair.

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