Tips to Follow Before and After Hair color and highlights

Tips to Follow Before and After Hair color and highlights

Hair color and highlights are one of the best ways to have a new look or a total makeover. More than 70% of women in the United States apply color to their hair and in this post, we look at how we can we can keep the hair looking great and shiny months after applying the hair color. Simple tips and a little creativity will help you keep your hair healthy while maintaining that gorgeous look. It’s important that before you color the hair that you make sure your hair is healthy and well hydrated.

Before you Color your Hair

Before you take that leap below are things you should know ;

  • Book a Consultation with the Color Specialist

Make sure your hair is healthy as that will help you keep your hair color for long. Before you color, your hair visits the hair salon and let the hair color specialist assess your hair. Color makes hair more porous thus losing moisture easily. It’s therefore important that before you apply the color that your hair is well hydrated.

  • Prepare Hair for Hair color and Highlights

Color will be more effective when you have healthy hair. Make sure your hair is hydrated and if it’s not healthy enough, give your it some time before coloring.

Trim the hair if you have splits ends

Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up and dirt.

To ensure your hair is moisturized apply a hot hair oil treatment three days before you color your hair. The oil treatment will act as a hair mask and ensure your hair strands can handle the hair coloring.

Research on the hair color that you want, consult the hair stylist at the hair salon specializing in color and choose the hair color that suits you. You can bring photos of how you want to look at the hair salon for the colorist to fully understand. Base your choice of color on the color of your hair roots. Make sure you don’t go more than two shades darker or lighter so that you can match with your skin tone. If you are looking for a color that is totally different from your skin tone discuss that with the hair color specialist.

After Hair Coloring

After the hair stylist has applied the hair color and highlights don’t wash your hair for 48 hours to give your hair time to absorb the color and settle.

Invest in shampoos and conditioners that are meant for colored hair. At the hair salon specializing in hair color ask the stylist for specific shampoos that are designed for the exact hair color you have chosen. If your choice is a redhead then get a shampoo for the hair color. Choose sulfate free shampoos to avoid stripping color from the hair.

To Keep the hair color for long use products that have UV protector as that will keep your color from fading and prevent your scalp from being damaged by the sun

Make sure you condition your hair often as that will keep your color looking fab and your hair will have enough moisture

You can add a shine enhancing styling products to your hair closet to ensure that your hair is shiny especially if you have chosen a dark color.

Before you go swimming always apply hair mask to avoid oxidizing the color and changing the hair color. If you don’t have a mask make sure you wet your hair with clean water to avoid the hair from absorbing too much chlorine.

Don’t wash your colored hair in hot water as this will remove the color. When in the shower turn down the water temperature. Excess hair washing will make the color fade.

Avoid using curling irons or straightened on colored hair to reduce hair damage and color fade.

Applying hair color and highlights can be a daunting experience especially if it’s the first time. Hair color correction is even more frustrating and it’s therefore important that you let the hair color specialist at the hair salon specializing in color apply the color. Make sure you nourish your hair as you maintain the hair color. Visit the hair salons after 6-8 weeks for color touch-ups and hair checks by the hair stylist.


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