Keratin Blow Out- Revolutionary Hair Straightening Treatment

Keratin Blow Out- Revolutionary Hair Straightening Treatment

Keratin is a naturally present protein in our hairs; it is used in hair straightening treatment for making hair look healthy and straightening of frizzy and dull hair. This treatment is popularly known as Keratin blowout, as the name suggests, it involves the use of keratin. This treatment is a revolution in the salon industry and a boon for those women who have curly, dull, unmanageable, non-luster hair and always dreamt of having silky, straight hair. A professional salon can do wonders to your hair with this treatment.

How keratin blowout works

As told earlier, keratin is a natural protein which works as building blocks and can be found in our hair and nails. It gives the lustrous and healthy shine to our hair. Liquid keratin is used in the process of Keratin blowout applying it to the root of the hair shaft, this works on improving hair texture by making hair smooth, lustrous, frizz and tangle free. Once the liquid Keratin is applied and left to allow it to be soaked by the hair cuticle, hair are blow dried or flat-ironed on high temperature, it works by bonding the molecules in a hair follicle, which makes the hair appear to be pin-straight.

Though, most of the chemicals entailed in keratin blowout, contains a component named as formaldehyde, but recently non-formaldehyde keratin blowout products are introduced in the market. It is very important that before you get this treatment done, research about best available keratin blowout products in the market, which clearly specify the chemical composition.


There is need of aftercare once you get the treatment done. You should avoid your hair getting wet for at least 3-4 days; so you can’t do swimming, take head-bath or allow your hair get wet anyways.  But if in case it happens, immediately blow-dry your hair. Also, use shampoo and conditioner, which are specifically for Keratin treated hair.  The hair should not be tied with band or clips for 3-4 days or it may leave dent on your straight hair. After this period, one can style, curl or tie up hair and the hair will be back to their straight look after blow-dried. Also, make sure that you get it done by a professional and well trained hair expert who uses quality products. If done properly, this treatment can last upto 4 months.

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