Learn how to dress “perfect” in the work place?

Learn how to dress “perfect” in the work place?

In the workplace and ultimately Jaguar upgrade the advanced road, everyone will grow from the white God. Or… Operator. In addition to the growth of the objective reality and personal reasons, had to admit, good luck is a major factor in winning. The magic classroom to tell you about the workplace: that little thing.

“There is a saying:” sex and the city sometimes single woman this road is not easy, so we sometimes need some special shoes, make the walk a little more fun.

Quick witted, workplace dress to be righteous enough”.

On the job field absolutely can not be blind to wear, your dress grade directly affect the impression you left to others. If you do not want to most of the time you face and name are invisible, or to learn how to wear the workplace more reliable.

Don’t put the workplace moment to bring a suit, a vice director Vu; even executives will focus only on important occasions such as meeting different dress.

Dressed in a formal suit can mix T-shirt, and a sense of law-abiding. Also, do not have straight suit pants, dark jeans are also excellent.

When I need to wear a suit, I suggest the black all. Gray and white are good choices, low-key and can not be ignored.

Whether it is with the same color suit pants or leggings can quickly remove. I don’t have a current career day high-heeled shoes, but also do not wear too casual dress, I love smoking slippers, comfortable and decent.

White shirt is the workplace must be a single product, wearing a white shirt, then we must wear accessories. Watches, bracelets, necklaces and scarves…. A look is well dressed, but not a dull flower butterfly.

– Single product recommendation –

The nine ball is caught up with fashion trends, but not exaggerated. Collocation of high-heeled shoes, you can go to smoking slippers to work, usually wearing shoes is very good-looking.

Long vest is a tool to enhance the X grid, especially the western style vest, more texture when wearing a foundation.

In the workplace, not only is the issue of fashion, the first consideration is appropriate. Of course, we are their star man, relaxed manner or to pay attention to! Only in the workplace dress “righteous,” to better work.

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