Your personal guide to winter hair care

Your personal guide to winter hair care

Holiday season is round the corner. The time of year, when you want your hair to look at its best, but cold wind, low temperature and snow can easily cause hair damage. That is why it is important to follow the right hair care routine to keep hair in healthy condition in the harsh winter weather. You can visit a hair salon for special winter hair care treatment.

Winter hair care

During winter hair require special nourishment to look good. The cold weather causes dryness in the scalp. This results in hair damage, split ends and hair fall. You can avoid hair problems in winters by nourishing and moisturizing your scalp and hair with the right hair care products.

Winter hair care tips

Do not wash your hair too often. Cold weather already sweeps away the natural oil and moisture from your hair. And if you wash your hair too often, you make your hair drier. Wash hair 2 to 3 times a week.

Do not wash your hair with hot water. Use lukewarm water for hair wash. Your hair will get damaged by heat. You can take hot water bath, but use lukewarm for hair wash.

Low temperature, dry air and cold winds….all this soak the shine and moisture from your hair. You will have to provide moisture to your hair externally. Thus, provide deep conditioning to your hair and scalp. Use good quality hair conditioner for this purpose.

Avoid blow-drying during winters. Heat will steal the moisture from your hair and make it lifeless. Also, avoid using flatiron during winter season. If you are using any heating tool, make sure to apply heat protection spray on hair.

Trim your hair before the commencement of the winter season. You should have healthy hair tips in cold weather to avoid split ends. Split ends can damage your hair a lot. So, visit a hair salon for hair care treatments and get your hair trimmed.

Consider applying hair masks and taking hair spas to provide deep nourishment to your hair and scalp. This is the best type of care you can provide to your hair during winters.

Cover your hair with scarf or hat when you go out. This will prevent your hair from dust, pollution and sunlight.


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