Benefits of Human and Synthetic Hair extensions

Benefits of Human and Synthetic Hair extensions

Hair extensions are trending more than ever. Today, every girl wants fuller, longer and healthier looking hair. It is not possible to achieve the perfect look with natural hair. Thus, celebrity hairstylists use hair extensions to provide beautiful looking hair. This hair accessory can change the entire look and feel of your hair. The most striking feature of hair extensions are:

  • Hair extensions do not damage your natural hair
  • Hair extensions are easily available
  • Hair extensions are easy to wear and remove
  • Hair extensions can be cut, colored and styled in any manner
  • Hair extensions can be used for years
  • Hair extensions are available in many hair colors, textures, lengths and types
  • Hair extensions are available at affordable price

Know about types of hair extensions

Hair extensions are highly customizable these days. You can choose extensions according to your budget, hair type and hair length. When it comes to the type of hair, there are 2 options available – human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Which one you should select depends on how much time you are willing to spend on maintaining and styling your extensions. But, both have their own pros and cons.

Synthetic hair extensions

These hair extensions are very easy to wear. Thanks to technological advancements, synthetic hair extensions look very much like human hair extensions, and they require minimal combing. The fibers used in the synthetic hair extensions are meant to keep their volume and easily retain to their original form, even curl after washing.

Though synthetic extensions are made from fibers, these extensions are not cheap. The colors of extensions do not fade and if you invest in the high quality extensions. These hair extensions can last about 6-7 months, while the cheaper ones last about 4 months

Human hair extensions

The hair extensions made from the human hair are not much different from your own hair. Since natural hair is involved, human hair extensions require more maintenance and time. They are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions. It is important to purchase the right human hair extensions from the right hair salon, so that you get the right product.

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