Erase the Frizz With Brazilian Blowout

Erase the Frizz With Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian blowout treatment straightens curly or wavy hair, removes the fizz and softens it. It seems to be the answer for people trying to tame problematic hair and is currently a hot trend in the beauty industry. It is best to use it when you need beautiful straight and shiny hair. A professional beauty salon would do the procedure best for you.

What is Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian hair straightening treatments commonly referred to as Brazilian Blowout, is a method of temporarily straightening hair by sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair -iron. It claims to make the hair smooth, without causing any damage.  Depending on the original texture of the hair, 50-80% of the curl can be reduced in a single setting. Treatments last about 10-12 weeks.

Procedure of Brazilian Blowout

Before starting the procedure, it is advisable to test for allergies if any, and also perform a strand test. Testing a strand is essential in order to have an idea about how one’s hair responds to the product. After taking all the necessary precautions the procedure is performed as such:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly to remove dirt and grime.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to ease out knots. Take a slow pace.
  • Use a towel to cover the neck, and gloves for the hands.
  • Hair is parted using a rat-tail comb and a small amount of the product is applied till the roots.
  • Repeat till the entire hair is covered.
  • Put on a shower cap to cover the hair and leave for half an hour.
  • The hair is then dried using a blow dryer and straightened using a ceramic flat iron, which gives shine and straight hair in one go.
  • Avoid shampooing for 3 days and also do not tie the hair in ponytails to prevent bending.

The North Hollywood-based manufacturers have  also come out with Brazilian Blowout Zero, containing glycolic acid as the active ingredient. It reportedly contains the same hair-straightening capability and is reportedly safe even for pregnant and nursing mothers. One thing is for sure Brazilian Blowout treatments are here to stay.

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