Hair Extensions Care Guide

Hair Extensions Care Guide

Quality hair extensions are not cheap and it’s therefore important to ensure that we develop a care regimen to ensure they last longer. You want your hair extensions to last and to look good for the period you are wearing them. Well maintained hair extensions will not only look good for long, but they will also last longer. In this article, we tell you top tips to ensure your human hair extensions last longer. Consult the hair extensions stylist on what will work for the kind of extensions you are wearing. If you are wearing the gorgeous hair dreams hair extensions make sure you know to take care of the extensions.

Tops Tips to Follow on How to Care for your Hair Extensions

  • Stay on top of your maintenance cycles

Visit the hair extensions salon every 6 weeks for maintenance of your extensions. Make sure you follow proper aftercare instructions. Follow our tips to keep your hair looking good. Make sure you understand all the tips given correctly to avoid extensions damage. Consult the hair stylist at the hair extensions salon on the best maintenance practices to follow for the extension you are wearing.

  • Modify your hair care routine based on the extensions you are wearing

They are different hair extensions application method and that determines the hair care routine you should follow. If you are wearing permanent hair dreams hair extensions make sure you follow the right routine. The hair stylist will advise on how best to care for your extensions.

  • Avoid Hair Sprays

Most hairsprays contain alcohol which will dry your hair extensions. Make sure you check the ingredients of your hairspray before using it.

General Hair Extensions Care Guide

Below are tips on how to take care of extensions.

  • Brush Your Hair Extensions

Hair accessories that you need are hair extensions brush or brush with soft bristles

How to Brush Extensions

Separate your hair extensions into sections and start brushing one section. Begin at the top as you go to the bottom. Gently brush the roots of the extensions. Brushing the extensions often will ensure that they don’t tangle and damage your hair. Its recommended that you brush your extensions in the morning and evening.

  • Washing your Hair Extensions

You need shampoo and conditioner while washing your hair extensions. Brush your extensions before you wash them. Shampoo and then condition your extensions. Make sure that you condition your extensions thoroughly to keep it shiny and hydrated. Ensure that you rinse your hair thoroughly because leaving residue will lead to building up and itchiness. While applying conditioner make sure that you immerse the ends and middle. Don’t wring out extensions, instead gently dry the extension.

  • Hair Extensions Styling

While styling your hair extensions make sure you have a heat protector, brush and a hot iron. Apply the heat protector to protect your extensions from the heat. Be sure that your hair is 100% dry before using any heat tools. It’s best to visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair stylist style your hair. The hair stylist will be able to assess the amount of heat to use on your hair. Its recommended that you avoid using heat on your extensions but if you have to let the expert apply the heat.

  • Sleeping in Hair Extensions

You will need a hairbrush and hair tie. It’s best to sleep on a silk pillow to avoid tangling. Brush your extensions before sleeping and plait or use a silk wrap on it. Don’t go to bed with wet hair extensions

  • Hair Extensions coloring

Human hair extensions will be able to withstand hair color and highlights. It’s best to have the color applied at the hair salon for color by an expert to avoid damaging the hair extensions. Using bleaches to lighten your extensions may cause damage to the extension and it’s, therefore, best to have the color applied at the hair salon for color. Make sure that you use quality hair color.

The durability and beauty of your hair extensions depend on the care and maintenance routine you follow. It’s imperative to follow the care schedule given at the hair extensions salon. Follow the right regimen and you can enjoy your long and beautiful trusses for long.

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