Celebrity Hair Color Ideas to Steal for Summer…!

Celebrity Hair Color Ideas to Steal for Summer…!

Are you thinking about hair color change? Are you looking for hair color inspirations? Or do you want to get trendy hair highlights? Well, if your answer to any above question is YES, then check out the celebrity hair colors now. It is always good to take hair color inspirations from celebrities, because celebrities are trendsetters. By following celebrity hair color trends, you can get the chic look which you have dreamed for.

The Hottest Hair Color to Try Right Now

From cute pastels to gleaming blonde, dark brunettes and even a mix of the two, these hair colors are trending in celebrity hair coloring cosmos. You can also try these hair coloring trends to get glamorous look. But before trying anything, take recommendations from professional hairstylist. Not all hair color looks good on everyone. Your hairstylist can suggest you the best celebrity hair color which complement your hair texture and skin tone.

Celebrity hair coloring trends

Selena Gomez Highlight

Selena Gomez Highlights are the great hair color inspiration for brunettes. Selena Gomez has brightened up her hair color using new ombre shade. Dark brunettes look amazing with this highlight because they provide the illuminating effects at the tips.

Gigi Hadid Baby Blue

This model totally rocked with her new hair color. She gave a new twist to her blonde hair with baby blue ends. This hair color appears decent. It is good for college going girls.

Katy Perry Hair Color

Katy Perry loves experimenting to hair color. This year she added ombre flair to her black-brown hair color. This hair color has provided a new dimension to her hair. Girls having thin hair can totally try Katy Perry Hair color idea.

Cara Delevingne hair color

This super model is an amazing trendsetter. She totally rocked with her new hair color. Her new cotton candy inspired hair color can be a great inspiration for college going girls. If you are bold enough to carry this girly color, then only opt for it.

Kylie Jenner Birthday hairstyle

Yes, Kylie Jenner’s birthday hairstyle is the most talked hairstyle of 2015 (till now). You can also ask your hairstylist to give this platinum blonde hair color to your hair.

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