Hair color trends that’d never get old

Hair color trends that’d never get old

Whether you want a slight update or a whole new look for this fall. Hair color change can do that for you. A new hair color can refresh your existing look and make your hair look beautiful. Here are five hair color trends approved by celebrity hairdressers. So, before booking your appointment make sure that you check out these hot new hues!

5 hair color trends best for fall

#1: Bronde: It is one of the most talked hues of this season. Bronde is a strong contender of the most popular fall hair color list. Bronde is a low maintenance hair color. It is a perfect blend of the blonde and brunette hair hues. Many celebrities like Cara Delevinge and Lily James have opted for this hair color.

#2: Colored Blocked roots: This hair color trend is for the daring girls. The colored blocked roots provide the same dramatic look as a color blocking outfit does. If you love to experiment with your looks and are not afraid of going bold then you should totally try this hair color.

#3: Burnt Auburn: Auburn is the best for the fall. This reddish brown hair shade is apt for you if you are owner of moody curls. For more dramatic approach you can even add a lighter shade highlight to the Burnt Auburn hair color.

#4: Candy-dip dye: All the stars from Katy Perry to Nicole Richie love this pastel dip dye. This candy dip dye is sweet as well as a little punk rock at the same time. This will be one perfect hue for the colder months.

#5: The ombré: This cool multi-tonal casual hair color is for everyone. The best thing about the ombré hair trend is that it does not need regular touchups. Hence, it can be called a stylish yet low maintenance hair color.

If you wish to try this hair color

If you are planning to try any of the above mentioned hair color, then visit a professional hair color salon. Do not try the DIY hair coloring techniques as this could ruin your hair as well as your overall look.

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