Guide to getting hair color and highlights

Guide to getting hair color and highlights

Applying the hair color and highlights can truly make an eccentric statement for you.  If your hair color compliments your eyes and skin tone, then you can never go negative with your look. Here is a guide to selecting the most flattering color for your hair.

Know about latest hair color trends

You might be a newbie or an expert at coloring but that is not a reason enough to select the most black or blonde color for your hair. To get the top idea of hair color, go through some childhood image. Going back to the hair color you had in your childhood is a remarkable way of getting your childlike glory.

If you are not sure of the hair you should select, try a temporary dye instead. While temporary colors wash off in one shampoo, demi-permanent colors clean off in 20-22 washes. Since these colors don’t have ammonia, they don’t go in deeper into the hair shaft. You can use them to get red or golden highlights or have darker hair, but you cannot obtain lighter with them.

You can have glamorous hair by coloring with the best type at home. Don’t let the beach sit on the hair for a high time as it will leave the hair porous and brittle. Read the instructions carefully before coloring.

If you plan to straighten or perm your hair, keep a space of 7-10 days between hair coloring and chemical treatments. Does a strand test to view the reactions of straightened hair or color on permed.

Covering grays can be done with both semi-permanent and permanent colors. If you have begun to gray recently, try a semi-permanent color.  If you are a more than a quarter grays, try a demi-permanent stringer color. If your hair is mostly gray, select a permanent color every 6 weeks.

Hair salons

Colored hair needs special care and best hair salon in rockville treatment. Use conditioner and shampoos specially formulated for colored hair. Reject powerful sun-rays and heating instruments for hair. Red colors have a tendency to fade out fast under heat.

While the latest trend of blonde hair with dark roots is warm, it is hard to pull off. Instead, ask your stylist to bleach out your natural color and then use a fresh blonde color. Then you can go 2 or 3 shades darker if you want.

Low lighting and highlighting can be tricky when at the house with amateur hands. To reject patchy outcomes, visit a salon and ask for lowlights and highlights. While the deep color includes depth the lighter, shades make your hair more perfect.

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