Straight Talk About Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

Straight Talk About Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

For girls with nappy, kinky, curly or wavy hair, looking for the best hair straightening salons should be on top of their priority. There is now a new solution which is considered as the latest fad and trend that have become a favorite among many celebrities. This is none other than the Brazilian hair straightening. It is one of the hottest treatments which is starting to set a new standard for straighter hair.

The Brazilian treatment is going to transform your dull and drag hair to fabulous tresses in less than a couple of hours, which will depend on the specific length of your hair. What makes it really good is that this can last for as much as four months. It only means that there will no longer be a need to have those weekly visits to the nearest salon for a hundred dollar checkup and definitely no more monthly retreatment visits. Now, isn’t that great news for all ladies out there?

Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment Defined

The Brazilian hair straightening is basically a revolutionary intense treatment which softens and smoothens your hair and makes it straighter.

It doesn’t make use of strong and harsh chemicals to close and open the hair cuticle in an effort to make it straight which can often break the bones of the hair shaft. The process makes use of keratin, a natural substance which comprises around 88 percent of your natural hair. This penetrates your hair in order to repair internal damage and coat it to prevent more damages in the future.

Keratin is a type of protein which is high in amino acid cystine and sulphur, which makes it insoluble, tough and elastic. These properties are essential for the strong structural role that keratin usual plays in the natural environment. In fact, this is the primary component of hooves, wool and horns. Keratin is also the primary protective substance in the human hair, nails and skin.

It is not a permanent straightening but more of a natural treatment. This means that once the product is gone or washed away, your hair is going to return to its natural form.

Things to Remember About Brazilian Treatment

The Brazilian hair straightening treatment is recommended for all kinds of hair, from virgin, to colored, previously straightened, highlighted, curly, wavy and kinky hair. The best part about the treatment is that this can last for a long time. It means that you can enjoy beautiful and straight hair for 3 to 4 solid months. Here are other things you would want to know about Brazilian hair straightening:

  • Makes use of keratin which can naturally straighten hair
  • Can be used over all kinds of straightening
  • Works better on chemically treated or over colored hair
  • You can swim in the ocean or pool four days following the treatment.
  • Can remain on virgin hair for two months and 3 to 4 months to other types of hair
  • Not recommended for nursing or pregnant women

If you want your hair to look more beautiful, visit the nearest salon in your area for your Brazilian keratin hair straightening rockville treatment.

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