Try Hair Straightening and See the New You

Try Hair Straightening and See the New You

Are you tried of unmanageable and frizzy hair? Are you seeking permanent options for frizz free hair? Or do you want silky soft hair? Well, if so, then permanent hair straightening treatments is the ultimate answer to all your questions. The permanent hair straightening treatments will not only provide you the frizz-free manageable hair but they will also increase the sheen and shine of your hair.

Permanent hair straightening is a smart choice

You might have tried anti-frizz shampoos, conditioners, oil, flat iron and home remedies to obtain straight hair, in past. These methods do not provide the long-lasting effects. In order to make your hair silky smooth, you should opt for permanent hair straightening services. The permanent hair straightening treatments can provide you the straight hair, which will remain straight, silky and smooth up to 6 months (depends on the quality of treatment and after care).

Many types of permanent hair straightening treatments are available these days. Every treatment has its own perks and drawbacks. You should opt for the treatment which is the best suitable for you. The most popular permanent hair straightening treatments are:

Brazilian Blowout

In this treatment, keratin is mixed with amino acids to remove the fizziness from hair. After applying the solution, treated hair is properly washed and dried until a small amount of moisture remains. Then hair is blow dried and flat-ironed. At last, hair is shampooed to remove the chemicals and conditioned to provide softness.

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment starts with shampooing and then keratin solution is applied on hair and kept for 20 to 30 minutes. This is done to store the keratin in your manes. Keratin is a natural protein which possesses the capability of changing the existing structure of hair. After getting keratin treatment, you will not be allowed to wash your hair at least 3 days. It is done to prevent the keratin loss. Keratin gets settled inside the hair within 3 days.

Thermal reconditioning

Thermal reconditioning is also known as Japanese hair straightening method. In this treatment, your hair is treated with chemicals in the presence of heat. Thermal reconditioning provides the most permanent hair straightening.

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